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Modernizing Outdated Applications to Meet Business Demands

Application Modernization

Solution Offer: Modern Mobile Applications

With a growing demand for mobile solutions, companies have discovered that meeting customer and employee expectations for omni-channel communications is critical to their success.

Infusion rapidly develops efficient and intuitive modern mobile applications that ensure optimum performance and seamless integration with existing systems.

Delivering Proven Benefits

Increase Revenue

Create new sales channels and revenue streams.

Increase Loyalty

Boost retention and attract new customers with incredible mobile experiences.

Expedite Time to Market

Accelerate new, differentiated mobile applications and products.

Enhance Field Service Effectiveness

Enable remote data capture and collaboration.

Empower Employees

Create powerful mobile user experiences for employees in the field.

Trusted Industry and Client Experience


For a leading insurance provider, Infusion created a mobile platform that allows users to store and share critical documents and photos in one secure location. The app has tens of thousands of downloads and has been praised by both users and the industry.

Travel & Hospitality

For a major North American airline, Infusion created a new, industry-leading mobile app that delivers a connected and seamless customer experience for travel booking and tracking. Used by millions of travelers every day, this application has generated significant new revenues for the client.


For a global education content publisher, Infusion created a cloud-based tablet solution that delivers educational content to teachers and students. This application greatly simplifed processes while providing an exciting new educational resource.

Oil & Gas

For a global oil & gas solution provider, Infusion created an application that mobilizes and simplifes data collection and analysis for field services, meeting the demands of customers and offering a more exible and comprehensive tool compared with those available on the market.

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