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Leveraging Data to Exceed Customer Expectations

Customer Experience

Solution Offer: Customer 360 Insights

With an increased expectation for personalization and smart customer service, many companies struggle to synthesize disconnected data into a relevant, consolidated view of their clients.

Infusion’s Customer 360 Insights platforms create intelligent, intuitive, context-sensitive customer profiles that help deliver a superior experience across every interaction.

Delivering Proven Benefits

Increase Profitability

Introduce new cross-sell opportunities.

Improve Customer Service

Reduce ticket resolution time and improve customer satisfaction/retention.


Reduce Costs

Lower customer acquisition costs.

Improve Campaign Performance

Determine which sales channels are most effective and get detailed profiles of leads and opportunities.

Trusted Industry and Client Experience


To meet the challenge of providing superior, real-time customer service, Infusion created a Customer 360 Insights application for a major insurance company that connects 15 different applications and over 75 data-sets. The solution transformed customer experience, cutting response time by 92%.

Health Services

Infusion collaborated with a health services organization to develop a user interface that aggregates large sums of disparate client data into a singular view, allowing call center associates to spend less time piecing together information and more time engaging with the client. Reduced agent onboarding time from 1 week to a single day.

Business Services

Infusion partnered with a business services provider to create a solution that accelerates data retrieval from a number of sources for their Customer Service Representatives. This solution shortened the time to resolve cases, improved customer satisfaction, and accelerated company training processes.

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