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Solution Offer: Immersive Technology for the Enterprise

As data becomes easier to access, companies facing digital disruption are striving to merge “big data” and visualization to reshape business processes and customer experiences.

Infusion’s immersive technology solutions drive value by educating your organization about augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality technologies and co-creating game-changing ideas that transform business processes.

Delivering Proven Benefits

Increase Access to Experts

Enable virtual expert consultations for
on-demand troubleshooting in the field.

Accelerate Product Development and R&D

Enable collaboration of remote teams and increase time to market.

Improve Training Efficiency

Deliver cost-effective virtual training programs.

Improve Customer Service

Data insight-driven interactions save time and improve service.

Increase Revenue

Generate new revenue streams by delivering virtual customer experiences.

Common Enterprise Deployment Scenarios

Product Development

Revolutionize research and development capabilities by creating interactive product models that can be manipulated and explored by your teams, and used to design and build new products.

Virtual Training

Create detailed 3D models that users can interact with to provide unique training opportunities and demonstrate technical concepts in completely new and powerful ways.


Virtual Expert

Bring technical experts from around the world virtually on-site to troubleshoot issues that involve complex engineering or  technical knowledge, saving time and money.

Customer Experience
Bring your brand and message to life and generate new revenue streams by transporting customers through time and space using interactive 3D renderings to create unique customer experiences.


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