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Capital Markets

Real-time, scaled, and secure.

Driving innovation within top-tier investment banks, hedge funds, and wealth management firms using next-generation technologies and platforms.

From developing highly secure, real-time trading systems to providing our clients with data and insight into their businesses, our solutions address critical areas such as risk management, market data, trading, and pricing across all asset classes including FX, credit, rates, equities, and derivatives.


Smart, multi-channel banking.

Creating positive disruption in the financial space, by helping the largest banks adopt emerging technologies that transform their business.

With innovative solutions including sales portals, customer management systems, business intelligence platforms, and unique in-branch service experiences, Infusion gives financial institutions the necessary tools to best serve their technology-forward customers.


Modernizing sales, service and customer loyalty.

Helping global insurance firms modernize their business by creating solutions that drive personalized experiences, loyalty, and operational efficiency.

In order to meet the increased demand from customers, brokers and agents, who are seeking better service experiences, Infusion enables clients to deliver efficient, real-time customer interactions, rollout innovative customer loyalty and self-service solutions, accelerate product development and delivery, educate clients, and provide invaluable business insights to drive revenue.

Oil & Gas

Unlocking field and operations insights.

Creating cutting-edge digital solutions that update and streamline the diverse field and corporate operations of oil and gas enterprises.

Our digital technologies help make sense of some of the world’s largest datasets. From analytics for field data capture and exploration to mobile applications for inspection and damage assessment, Infusion’s engineers create solutions that not only improve the accuracy and speed of data collection, but also offer operational insights, communication and collaboration.


Connected, convenient and personalized.

Collaborating with top-tier retail brands, to redesign and rework in-store and mobile experiences to create entirely fresh and modern shopping experiences.

From interactive kiosks and displays to new digital platforms and processes, our creative solutions help clients increase customer satisfaction and drive new business by creating the connected, convenient, and personalized experience that shoppers are looking for. Our work can be found in hundreds of retail outlets worldwide.


Improving medical information access and patient care.

Revolutionizing the healthcare field by developing solutions that improve accessibility and the quality of patient care worldwide.

Our client solutions include medical information collaboration tools, client management systems, community forums for healthcare discussions, and sales agent tools.

Travel & Leisure

Digital platforms that power unforgettable adventures.

Creating digital platforms and applications that enhance traveler experiences and streamline processes and in the travel and leisure industry.

Our varied solutions include mobile applications, interactive touchscreens, redeveloped reservation and booking systems, and fully integrated technology that captures valuable traveler data.


Exploring new ways to teach and learn.

Enabling large educational institutions to take advantage of innovative digital technologies that improve teaching and learning effectiveness.

We’ve created mobile applications for students, new teaching tools and resources, service portals, and intranets, helping our clients develop important digital strategies.

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